Capstone Engineering Project

The capstone engineering project is called a capstone as it symbolizes the crowning achievement similar to what a capstone does in architecture. The capstones vary from departments to departments. Some departments might have the most common type of capstone wherein a student needs to undertake a project and provide a presentation on the same at the end of the project; while other departments might have an assessment exam in order to test a student in various disciplines like math, critical thinking or writing. The most common type of capstone requires a student to work on a capstone title and write a research paper on the subject or topic of one’s interest from the program of study that the student undertook. Capstone engineering project provides the students with opportunity to demonstrate skills and knowledge gained during one’s college. This guide would mention many of the capstone project mechanical engineering ideas that one should refer to before starting to write capstone project mechanical engineering paper. Also you can check electronics capstone project ideas for more inspiration.

Real World Experience

In capstone projects, students get to look at real world situations and do a capstone analysis and work on them from their own view point and knowledge and discuss and present potential solutions to the many issues. Another great purpose of the capstone projects is to develop a student for a leadership role ahead.

Here is list of capstone project ideas education, you can also be aware about!

Capstone Project Mechanical Engineering Ideas

  • How to build a robot
  • Robot basics
  • Computer controlled Car
  • Solar insect robot
  • Robotic spider
  • Cleaning robots
  • Line follower robot
  • Solar powered bag
  • Solar power air compressor
  • Solar water heater
  • Solar powered live-stock watering system
  • Solar powered boat
  • Solar powered remote control aircraft
  • Solar powered bicycle
  • How to build wind mill pump
  • Wind turbines kites
  • Wind mill power generation system
  • Homemade steam engine
  • RC control computer cars
  • Wind powered drip irrigation system
  • Hydraulic car lift
  • Power generation using railway tracks
  • Pedal powered water filter
  • Bio gas powered water heater
  • Car monitoring system
  • Waste management machine system
  • Pedal powered refrigerator
  • Study of cooling tower
  • Air bike

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