Chemistry capstone project ideas are going to aid in writing your capstone paper, and if you need help in the most popular ideas to begin with, check out this post, which also features a couple of important tips to help you accomplish the task.

Chemistry Capstone Project Ideas

  1. Gravimetric analysis
  2. Chemical reaction: Compared methods
  3. Hair color
  4. Teeth whitening
  5. Cleaning up oil spills
  6. Acid rain
  7. Stem cell research
  8. Corrosion and conductivity
  9. Catalytic decomposition
  10. Teeth vs. acid

Chemistry Capstone Project Ideas: Writing Tips

  1. Select and test a topic by finding out if there is enough information published to use in your research paper. When done choosing your topic, ask your professor for an approval.
  2. Start gathering information for your research and take down notes to use in your paper. However, don’t use all the sources out there, but check their credibility first. Remember, the credibility of your paper also relies on the value and accuracy of your information. Also, find updated information about your topic and avoid using outdated ones.
  3. Begin writing your paper in which topic you have chosen from chemistry research project ideas. Write your draft and avoid editing at this stage. Just enjoy the process of writing based on the outline you made.
  4. Edit your draft and start writing the final copy. Ask feedback from friends and family and redo your paper when needed.


  • Start early and set small milestones or deadlines to beat so that you can avoid rushing your paper.
  • Proofread and edit your paper, one of the most useful chemistry capstone project ideas to use that can help you accomplish a good paper.
  • Follow proper formatting and citation guidelines from your professor.


  • Use someone else’s ideas without citing him or her. This is called plagiarism—a no-no in writing.
  • Start unless you had your professor approved your topic. Else, he might reject it and then you will waste the time spent on the unapproved topic.

There you have the coolest chemistry capstone project ideas or even social science capstone project ideas that will help you get started to finish your paper on time. For the better performance in your science personal statement always chose online services with an impeccable image.

Follow these tips and end your project with a bang!