Capstone Research Project – the Last Step before Graduation

Students generally are not a fan of the capstone research projects. A capstone is the last step before one’s graduation as outlined by the degree requirements. Not many students understand the value of this capstone project until they have stepped into the working world after graduation. This final course of the college capstone might seem frustrating and a daunting task but once completed, the capstone project course usually becomes one of the most valuable and rewarding experiences in a student’s college career. In order to excel, one needs to start thinking about the communication capstone project ideas and some related fields for inspiration, for instance like statistic capstone project ideas. that one is interested in and might want to pursue as a capstone research project idea for their project. Since many students find it hard to choose a topic of their interest, we have created a small list of communication capstone project ideas that will surely help the students in their projects.

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Communication Capstone Project Ideas

  • Combatting discrimination: microagressions and social media
  • Do we care? The power of brand recognition in a social marketing campaign
  • A public communication strategy for the national park service: crowdsourcing citizen science through the use of geocaching
  • The Duchess of Cambridge and the role of modern European monarchies in public diplomacy
  • Public diplomacy and framing: A case study on North Korea
  • Harry Potter and the expanding narrative: transmedia storytelling, participatory culture and the Harry Potter Universe
  • Buzzing with Bey: How a global pop icon disrupted the music industry using unconventional marketing wisdom
  • Framing as it applies to economic crisis in the United States
  • Crisis response strategies in major league Baseball
  • Online relationship management: exploring how YouTube creators build and maintain relationships in the YouTube beauty community
  • How is social media used by politicians? A content analysis of how Donald Trump uses Twitter to engage voters leading up to the 2016 Super Tuesday primary
  • A recipe for disaster: social media best practices in crisis communication
  • Instagram, Tweet, Travel, Repeat: Social media influence on travel planning
  • Digital dating in an unbalanced playing field: the rise of niche mobile dating apps for black professionals
  • The lung cancer alliance’s avenues to fight stigma against lung cancer – a case study.
  • The military, the media and the post-traumatic stress disorder: Analysis of media framing and post 9/11 service member’s decisions to seek help
  • Exploring motivations of using second screen devices while watching TV
  • The effects of race/ethnicity and gender on medical perceptions of news stories.
  • Teenager’s media consumption and perception of mental illness
  • Effects of a spoke-person’s ethnicity for Chinese international firms in an overseas food safety crisis scenario
  • Why Hispanics use Facebook and Twitter: Uses and gratifications approach
  • The impact of Facebook on attitudes about marriage and children for American women in their twenties.

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