Choosing dissertation topics for accounting students can be a really hard task. The program gives you the opportunity to talk about whatever you prefer, or at least something that you think is worth researching and studying. However, choosing the correct dissertation topics accounting may be harder than you think.

At the moment of choosing we may go to the library to find a topic that seems good enough for our dissertation. We surf through the different areas of study, we make a comprehensive review of all the possible thesis topics on accounting we could use and maybe then we find the one perfect for our work, however, sometimes it can be even harder than that.

Some people prefer having hints on accounting Ph.D. research topics before going to the library, so they already know where to look and what to look at. But to do this, you have to learn how to choose a proper research topic and methodology. So, we’ve come with the best advice and tips on how to choose the proper one for you.

Choosing a Dissertation Topic for Accounting

According to the Ph.D. in History and Economics John Komlos, a professor at Duke University and Former Professor at Chicago University, the process of choosing the correct topic for the dissertation is really important.

He’s written in a joint research by many professors on “How Does One Choose a Dissertation Topic”:

dissertation topics for accounting students

He’s affirming the importance of the proper topic for the dissertation, where the amount of work, effort and time that will be invested on the research needs to be compensated by a great topic who will grab the attention not only of your mentor but the entire committee and jurors of your thesis.

However, he remarks later in the same article that one must choose originality over practicality, but always avoid choosing a super original topic that will make it harder to eventually come to a conclusion. The best you can do is to choose one that can be easily researched but at the same time is somehow original on its kind, opening the door for other people to keep researching on it.

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Possible Dissertation Topics Accounting You Can Choose from

There are many different dissertation topics for accounting students to choose from. However, not all of them will fit with the practicality and originality you’re looking for. Also, not all of them will be as interesting as you may think for other people, especially your mentor or the jurors. That’s why you will have to choose the one that eventually brings attention and engages other people.

Among many of the different accounting Ph.D. Research Topics you can choose from, we’ve come with some of the ideas to make it easier for you:

☑    An evaluation of the “green” policy in accounting on the majority of departments in the US.

☑    Analysis of the intellectual capital on companies and how it affects the value of the financial statements in big companies.

☑    Critical audit of the financial and business performance of a travel organization.

☑    The importance of the role of audit committees in different organizations of Saudi Arabia and India.

☑    Studies of growth patterns in organizations and how it will define the future and present of their economical state based on score analysis.

☑    A study on the relevance accounting information reports in the US has in the adoption and adaptation of organizations to the international financial standards on reporting.

☑    A study on different methods of accounting in the world: A comparison.

☑    The role of auditors in moments of crises: An examination.

☑    A review on the benefit of a non-profit accounting financial report.

☑    A study on how environmental and cultural issues can make a difference in the decision process of financial and economic matters in the world.

research topic and methodology

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Feel free to use any of these dissertation topics for accounting students and present an amazing paper!