Many people tend to get scared when they found the huge amount of dissertation topics for marketing that are available to choose for a thesis, making it sometimes very hard to eventually pick one that is interesting enough. On the other hand, marketing is a career that has a lot of areas of study, making it sometimes more difficult to choose one from a vast number of thesis topic ideas. However, most Ph.D. topics in Marketing tend to be really easy to research and eventually come to a great conclusion, but it all depends on how good the topic is and how well-researched the thesis ends up being.

If you are someone who’s looking for marketing topics for thesis for MBA, we recommend you to take a look further into this article and find out about the many different topics for master thesis in marketing and how you can choose the one perfect for yours.

How to Choose a Topic of the Study for Your Dissertation

There are three things that can cause a pitfall when choosing the proper topic for our dissertation. These can be the following; lack of time to research a good topic, lack of inspiration to eventually come with an original and interesting one, or just the lack of confidence on our choosing because we think it’s not good enough or just not relevant.

But in order to avoid any of these, there is some great advice you can take from experts on the matter:

Choose a Topic That You Are Interested In

According to Penny Gold, a History Professor at Knox College, it is utterly important that your chosen topic for your dissertation is good enough for you, as it will be the starting point of your subsequent career as a professional.

dissertation topics for marketing

She remarks that the effort needs to be matched with your interest on the field, as this is how you will be known later in your career.

☑    Make a list of topics that interest you. Following the same recommendation from Penny Gold, you should look for topics that actually make you interested in your own thesis. However, there may be hundreds of them, so the better you can do is to make a list in order to have them all written before making your final choice. After that you should look for relevant literature on each topic, looking for the one that offers more originality and practicality.

☑    Avoid repeated topics or difficult-to-research ones. After making that list of topics that interest you, you will have to choose your dissertation topics for marketing depending on which haven’t been researched before too much and those who are actually possible to research. Those that have been done multiple times or those which are really hard to research should be taken out of your list. However, some topics may be worth the chance if you can come up with great questions and conclusions, but only if you think they can be juiced.

☑    Discuss with your tutor or mentor. Even though you may want to choose among the ones that can be taken more out of, asking for help in your thesis may be a great idea. People who know about the field and area of study will give you a better idea on which topics can be better for you, and can even tell you if the topic of your choosing is interesting and worth the effort.

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Possible Ph.D. Topics in Marketing to Choose From

There are many topics for master thesis in marketing you can choose, as it is a really wide field of study, there are many options that can overwhelm you. However, to make it easier for you to choose the one that you think it’s best, here you have some ideas:

➤    A study on different internet marketing activities and the future of digital marketing.

➤    An investigation on the different tactics of marketing depending on the consumer behavior: the desire to purchase.

➤    A study on the different factors that can affect the success of a new brand.

➤    A study on the use of successful brands in political campaigns.

➤    The social media factor: How to promote a business using Facebook.

➤    An investigation on how branding can change the behavior of consumers towards a product.

➤    The influence celebrities have on the success or failing of a brand.

➤    The change of demands in different generations: From 1950 to 2017.

➤    Marketing strategies and their cultural changes depending on the country of use.

➤    The use of language on marketing strategies: how can language improve success.

relevant literature

These are some of the marketing topics for thesis in MBA you can take a look at. However, you will need some great literature in order to come with great ideas and conclusions for it. That’s why we recommend the following:

★    Rich Dad, Poor Dad – What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money, That The Poor And The Middle Class Do Not – Robert T. Kiyosaki

★    The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work & What To Do About It –Michael E. Gerber

★    The Psychology of Selling – Brian Tracy

★    The Compound Effect – Darren Hardy

★    Pitch Anything – Oren Klaff

★    Yes! 50 Secrets from the Science of Persuasion – Noah Goldstein, Steve Martin & Robert Caldini

Pick one of the dissertation topics for marketing and start your research straight away!