If you want to obtain a degree in any finance field, you will have to create a wonderful dissertation that looks interesting enough and is well-researched. To do this, you will have to look among the many different dissertation topics in finance that are available. However, choosing correctly may not be as easy as it seems. That’s why we’ve prepared some dissertation tips to help you out.

For example, dissertation topics in finance for undergraduate tend to be simpler and a lot easier to research, while Ph.D. Thesis Topics in finance tend to be a lot harder and eventually hard to research in order to come to a great conclusion. That’s why it is important to know how you can choose the right topic depending on your degree-specific practices.

In order to make it easier for you to choose the right master’s thesis topic in finance, we’ve come with the best advice from experts and a list of multiple dissertation topics in finance you can choose from or just get more ideas. Take a look further and find out!

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How to Cope with Choosing the Right Topic for Dissertation

The process of choosing the right topic for your dissertation may not be something easy. Especially if you are on a Ph.D. or MBA, you need to come up with a great topic that matches your level of expertise and eventually meets the committee criteria. So, if you want to have a more productive process of coming up with a topic, we recommend you to do this:

☑    Brainstorm for ideas. You are not searching enough if you haven’t thought about it for days. You need to write all your ideas down, whatever it is you think can be interesting enough and can eventually be researched and come with a statement and a conclusion. After writing all them down, make sure you leave the ones that are more original and can be researched.

☑    Choose a flexible topic. This is something that most people tend to forget. Some people often choose a topic that is too narrow, making it harder to research and eventually come with great thesis statements. On the other hand, there are people who choose a topic that is too broad, making it harder to eventually come with conclusions or ideas that can be easily worked with. So, try to make it easier for yourself by choosing a topic that is manageable.

☑    Read, read, and research. In order to eventually come with great dissertation topics in finance, you will have to read everything you can about your field. Depending on your interests, you may want to look for more general content, however, if you already have an idea or topic in mind, look for more technicality and specific literature.

☑    Formulate a statement and a question. You may want to look for help or a primary adviser or supervisor in order to make a thesis statement and a great research question. According to the University of Michigan Flint’s Library Resources:

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This means that you will have to create a thesis statement according to what’s your primary research focus, while also making a research question about what is necessary to come with in order to make a conclusion. According to these two, you will have your topic for a dissertation.

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Dissertations Topics in Finance Samples

You already know how you can come up with a great topic for your thesis; however, you may don’t know yet where you can find a great idea. That’s why we have the best topic samples on finance for you to choose from and get your own ideas:

➤    Finance risks and decision-making approval importance on businesses and organizations.

➤    A comparison study of micro finance institutions, micro finance organizations and the development of entrepreneurial skills.

➤    A study on the correlation and measures of financial performance in banks from US and UK.

➤    Cash flow and investment spending: A study in the banking field of the US.

➤    The importance and advantages of infrastructure in the profitability of a business.

➤    A report of the stock market value of the US in 2017.

➤   A study on the relationship between stock market returns and the inflation percentage.

➤    Mutual funds and investments: Factors that lead to profitability and success in business.

➤    Future growth of businesses: A price earnings ratio on different companies.

➤    The importance of capital investment on the stock market.

Feel free to make use of this list of dissertation topics in finance!