There are thousands of dissertation topics in law you can choose at the moment of the creation of your thesis topic. However, choosing the right one is never easy. Some people tend to have a problem to come up with a great thesis topic ideas, others have a good idea but don’t think that it is good enough, while others just grab whatever they put their mind at first but ends up being a bad one.

That’s why it is important to know how you can choose a proper topic for your dissertation; picking among the many different LLM dissertation topics that are available, choosing between the most original and the ones that can be researched further or greatly developed.

Even though it seems like an easy task because there are lots of Ph.D. Thesis topics in Law you can take your ideas from or just develop further, you may eventually need some help. So, in order to make it easier for you, we’ve come with some great advice on how to choose the right topic plus some other great ideas you can use to create your own topic. Keep reading and find out!

Choosing the Right Research Topic

There are a few things you can try before eventually choosing the right topic for your dissertation. As there are many international law dissertation topics you can take a look at, we recommend doing the following:

☑    Choose a subject that interests you. Want to genuinely research and find out more about the topic of your choosing? Or are you doing just to pass your coursework? Depending on what your reasons are, we are sure that it will be shown in your final work, so keep in mind at all times that the topic you choose must be interesting for you.

☑    A lot of ideas. Before coming with a good idea, you should think and put yourself into a brainstorm state where you can write down at least more than 5 different topics that interest you. Remember that you must seek originality but at the same time ease of research, you won’t like to choose a topic where there’s no enough information to come with.

☑    Ask authorities about your ideas. Depending on your academic program, you can ask help with your dissertation to a supervisor, adviser, or just any expert who could give a clearer idea on how good your topic is, how could you improve it or where do you need to focus more.

☑    Follow your university writing regulations. This is very important. Some people tend to forget that some programs committees are looking for an exact type of dissertation and not a general one. On the other hand, they will ask you to make your research according to their rules, so it is important to take any of these in mind before trying to come up with an idea, so you can avoid having trouble later on.

☑    Read a lot on the subject. Independently on what you want to make your dissertation about, you should always read as much literature as you can on the subject of your choosing. Remember that the best ideas come from your own mind, and when you nurture your mind, the easiest it will be for you to create a great topic.

☑    Take your time to decide. There are many different dissertation topics in law you can choose from. So, why would you rush through the process? Take your time when deciding and we assure you that you will be better off than just choosing the first one that comes to your mind.

According to Monica Clua-Losada, a Political Science Professor at the University of Texas, there’s a high importance on being patience at the moment of deciding which will be your topic and research question of your dissertation.

She says:

dissertation topics in law

So, always remember to be patient, and we assure you a much better outcome!

Sample LLM Dissertation Topics

Independently on your academic writing requirements, there are thousands of PhD Topics in Law that can help you create a great research work. However, you may find it difficult to choose with confidence, so we took the time to compile some of the best international law dissertation topics you can get ideas from.

llm dissertation topics

➤    The process by which a security council determines if there exists a threat to the peace in a specific country and how it correlates with the US: A discussion on international law.

➤    The self-determination and future international rights of minorities in the upcoming globalization era.

➤    An examination on the human rights committee’s approach according to the international law reservation in face of new multilateral treaties.

➤    A study on how international disputes can be settled by peaceful means in war sight.

➤    The power legitimization judges have in many different parts of the world: An international law research.

➤    The anti-terrorism international and European legislation: the justification behind the demise of human rights.

➤    The conflict between civil liberties and safety of the public and private property: Discussion.

➤    A critical explanation on how the European and international human rights have defined the concept of torture: A relevant case study.

➤    The different considerations on the creation of a new law of privacy in the UK and US: A correlation investigation.

➤    The dispute resolution of courts function: The effect a binding case law have on litigations and future generations.

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You can find useful literature on all of these subjects in these books:

➤    Evans, M 2010. International Law, 3rd ed, New York: Oxford University Press.

➤    Lauterpacht, H 1950. International law and Human Rights, London: Stevens and Sons.

➤    Steiner, HJ, Alston, P & Goodman, R 2008. International Human Rights in Context: Law, Politics, and Morality, New York: Oxford University Press.

➤    Kunz, JL 1953. ‘The Nature of Customary International Law’, American Journal of International Law, vol. 47, no.4.

➤    Friedmann, D & Barak-Erez, D 2001. Human Rights in Private Law, Oregon: Hart.

➤    Warren, SD & Brandeis, LD 1890. ‘The Right to Privacy’, Harvard Law Review, vol. 4, no. 193.

Take your time look through list of dissertation topics in law and make sure to choose the one tha’ll wow everyone!