Electrical engineering capstone project ideas helps student to know what they should do. Writing the paper involves extensive research and it is designed for students to demonstrate their knowledge about their coursework.

Electrical Engineering Capstone Project Ideas

  1. Portable emergency generator
  2. Electric hybrid motorcycle
  3. Ted traffic light detector
  4. Directional control for solar panels
  5. Automotive computing enterprise
  6. Blue marble security
  7. Wireless communication enterprise
  8. Biomedical technologies
  9. Enterprise: Commercial and Sponsored research development
  10. Team building: What it is all about

Writing Electrical Engineering Capstone Project

When you know some electrical engineering capstone ideas, you can write easily. If you have a guide, you will not spend much time in writing.

  • Make a title page: it gives the reader on what it is all about.
  • Write an abstract: The abstract will provide an overview to readers wherein it must include the main problem and it should also include purpose of researching in that specific area you choose.
  • Write a copyright page: The copyright is important so that others will not cheat and misuse your writing.
  • Introduction: For capstone project ideas electrical engineering, create an introduction to give detailed overview to readers. It also describe about the problem area.
  • Include methods used in researching: There are many methods to use in your project and you need to choose what the best is. Research methods include interviews, surveys, questionnaire and assessment of background information.
  • Write findings collected from research methods: The results you assembled from research methodology should include findings sections.
  • Limitations: In all capstone projects, there will always be limitations and you need to write about it.
  • Detailed conclusion: The conclusion is very much essential and write it according to results you have collected in findings section.
  • Include acknowledgements and reference page.

There you have the things you should know in writing your capstone project. Since the paper needs much time before you can complete writing it, it is better to start early. Whenever you do not know what to do, checking the internet for tips and guidelines is a good decision. Begin to do a research and writing your paper now!

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