The process of choosing engineering dissertation topics for your final project may not be as easy as it seems. Due to the complexity of research, plus the many different options you will have on dissertation topics in engineering, choosing one may be one of the hardest, if not the most difficult step in creating a dissertation.

So, in order to help you choose the right topic for you among the many different dissertation topic ideas, we’ve compiled the best advice from experts and a list of the best dissertation topics in engineering from where you can take ideas or just research further. Take a look at the information below and find the best topic for your dissertation!

Choosing the Right Topic for Your Dissertation

Among the many civil engineering topics for thesis, it can utterly difficult to find one that complies with your necessities, profile, and interests. So, it is important that you give time to the process of choosing the right one. In order to do this, we recommend doing the following:

☑    Read as much literature as you can. Even though the majority of doctoral candidates already have an idea for a dissertation topic before entering the career, you may be one of those who don’t have the minimum clue. In order to eventually get more ideas and find out the right topic for you, we recommend reading as much literature as you can on engineering, especially that new literature that is recent on the field. This will help you to eventually come with a topic for your dissertation.

☑    Ask for expert’s advice. Well, maybe not from experts, but from people who already know what your dissertation could be about. Asking people about different topics they would do a dissertation on, or just discussing your own ideas with professors, supervisors, advisers or even colleague and family who know about your field is always a good way of eventually coming up with a great topic.

☑    Research on previous works. Do you know some graduation papers on final projects that have been published on an area of study you feel interested about? Read them. You may get an idea on the same subject, or you just may feel like you can research it further. Try reading from previous doctoral candidates’ ideas and you may come up with your own great topic.

☑    Choose a topic that you feel interested in. From Concept to Completion: A Dissertation-writing Guide for History Students by Leora Auslander in the chapter: “The Genesis of a Dissertation: From Choosing a Topic to Developing a Dissertation Proposal.”, we could come with this wonderful advice form Leora, who’s a professional dissertation expert.

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She also adds, “Unless you are one of the very few for whom all has simply come together, the first step is to think very honestly about the questions that engage you and the subjects you find most compelling.”, meaning that the topic of your choosing should always be one that you feel interested in, and no a topic that looks original or interesting for other people.

Possible Dissertation Topics Engineering to Use

We know that the task of choosing the proper topic for your dissertation may be really hard, so we’ve decided to make a list with some of the best engineering dissertation topics from which you can make your own ideas or research them further in order to find more.

dissertation topics engineering

➤    Optical glass lenses: A study on future improvements for their production.

➤    A case study on the importance of quality procedures for assurance in different construction fields.

➤    Civil engineering and the construction of a tunnel: A study on the importance of the use of a proper plan.

➤    A literature review on the guiding principles and the sustainability of engineering in different fields.

➤    Wind power in the US: the developmental issues of power management in future use.

➤    Biometric recognition system: A study on the different types of recognition in biometrics and their use in state security.

➤    The use of polymeric hybrid adsorbents to develop effective systems to remove pollutants from fresh water.

➤    Structural integrity in construction: An evaluation on the process of planning.

➤    Professional engineer qualification and its uptake on the international rate for graduates.

➤    The advantages and disadvantages of using hydroelectric energy for big cities in the US.

How about the top 10 list of psychology dissertation topics?

If you want to research any of these topics, we recommend the following literature on engineering:

➤    Connolly, D. (2010) A review of energy storage technologies: For the integration of fluctuating renewable energy. Technical report, Limerick University.

➤    Rodriguez-Amenado, R.L., Arnalte, S. and Burgos, J.C. (2002) ‘Automatic generation control of a wind farm with variable speed wind turbines’, IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion

➤    Pettersen, I.N. and Boks, C. (2008) ‘The ethics in balancing control and freedom when engineering solutions for sustainable behaviour’, International Journal of Sustainable Engineering

➤    Allan, M. and Chisholm, C. (2009) The formation of the engineer for the 21st century – A global perspective.

➤    Al-Muhtaseb, A.H., Ibrahim, K.A., Albadarin, A.B., Ali-khashman, O., Walker, G.M. and Ahmad, M.N.M. (2011) ‘Remediation of phenol-contaminated water by adsorption using poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA)’

➤    Kitching, R. (2008) ‘Cutting beneath the bowl’, New Civil Engineer, Vol. 9(4), pp.  20-22.

Pick the most suitable one out of the list of engineering dissertation topics and do the first steps on the way to the amazing paper!