What Is an Engineering Management Capstone Project?

An engineering management project is the finale of learning at college. It combines the theoretical knowledge learned for the entire time spent in classes at one’s college with practical experience. Engineering management project requires one to work on a real practical project based on the area of one’s interest. How to write a capstone might baffle many a students at college but it nothing to get nervous about. The subject of the management capstone project ideas can be anything related to any of the courses that a student has studied while at college. This is why we have gathered a small list of engineering management capstone project ideas that one can refer to instead of getting frustrated when deciding on the topic. It is considered a stepping stone into the corporate or the real working world. Since there are so many options available for a student to choose the subject of the capstone from, it might overwhelm the student. If this is the case, one should go to one’s professors or academic advisors for advice and suggestions on the best and interesting engineering management capstone project ideas. They will be able to help one guide towards his interest. You also can use the list below like electrical engineering capstone project ideas.

Engineering Management Capstone Project Ideas

  • Designing value engineering management system for Iraq construction projects
  • Photodynamic therapy light delivery system
  • Test bed for Bose speaker impact stress analysis
  • Kiva systems capstone project
  • Boston building resources
  • Home dialysis equipment network rationalization
  • Electrochromic window controller for energy efficiency
  • Hospital facility layout
  • Improving operations at Boys and Girls Club
  • Ambulatory clinic schedule attainment and staff profile harmonization at BMC
  • Improving infection control at Massachusetts General Hospital at MGH
  • Photodynamic therapy delivery system
  • Portable doorknob assistant
  • Instant ice maker
  • Spherical turbine with skewed axis of rotation
  • Automatic silverware napkin wrapping machine
  • Biometric data collection device for user research
  • Waste heat recovery from an internal combustion engine
  • Foldable bicycle helmet
  • Human powered jump starter
  • User operated Hoyer lift
  • Solar boat hydrofoils
  • Cost effective wind turbine rotor optimized for low wind speeds
  • Cancer detection by means of mechanical palpation
  • Commuter scooter re-engineered
  • K-cup recycling process
  • Energy efficient table top house
  • Biomedical microfluidic delivery system
  • Design of setup for flow visualizations
  • Low cost solar desalinator
  • Solar boat array
  • Variable aperture slit system
  • Exercise apparatus energy cost walking uphill
  • Abdominal cavity loading device
  • Biaxial loading mechanobioreactor
  • Spatially resolved backscatter Ceilometer

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