Capstone projects are more experiential in approach as compared to other types of papers. Universities do not have the same requirements for these papers, but students overall have to highlight the things that they have learned in their graduate program and then apply that to analyze or examine a particular idea.


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What is a capstone course, by the way? It is usually the last class that the students have to take in their graduate program. The class is called the capstone because it is the students’ achievement, just like a capstone in terms of architecture.

The capstone may ask students for a final paper to explore their interest topic that came from the student’s individualized study program. So when it comes to the capstone project, this paper typically represents new ideas and work, giving a student the chance to show what he has learned during his or her college years.

A capstone project is one way for professors to assess if the students are acquiring the needed skills to become successful after graduation. One can also be used for a student’s employment portfolio. It is a chance to students to integrate theories and experience together.

Key points to consider:

  • It should not be less than about 45 pages
  • The references should never contain less than 12-14 sources

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Steps for Writing a Capstone Project

  1. Think back to the beginning of your first year.
  2. Flesh out the list by writing a short description of each examination.
  3. Understand that this project is similar to a research paper.
  4. Choose a topic and get it approved by your professor.
  5. Collect a solid number of updated references.
  6. Set aside time to read.
  7. Take notes and begin the draft of project.
  8. Write the conclusion and introduction last.

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