Human resource is a field that is growing exponentially, with hundreds of departments and types of work that can make a very crucial component of any organization. That’s why more and more people are starting to study in this field, applying for different universities around the world, making it one of the biggest careers in modern academics. However, being able to graduate from HR requires making a good choice among the many HR dissertation topics available in this field. The research proposal that most universities in the world ask need to comply with the professional qualification of an academic degree of Human Resources, as the future of every student depends on this thesis.

But the problem starts firstly on the decision of the proper thesis topics for HRM Students, as especially those in management are the ones who are demanded more from. So, if you want to know how to choose correctly the best topic for HR, we recommend you to take a look further into this article.

How to Write a Proper Dissertation

Before beginning with the many different dissertation topics in HR for MBA, we need to explain first how a great dissertation is written. For this, we’ve made a list with the best advice and tips on how to cope with such a difficult task.

☑   Ask people for feedback. This is a great advice for those who need some help on how to properly structure and write a dissertation. While finishing writing a chapter or a part of your dissertation, make someone like an advisor, professor or colleague to take a look and tell you where you may be wrong and how you can improve it. This will make it easier for you and eventually turn out for a better outcome.

☑   Work according to what’s expected from you. If you create your research proposal depending on what’s expected from you and what exactly the committee wants, will make it easier to achieve more recognition and better feedback. Remember to always take into account previous works from previous students and thesis, always making sure that you follow the rules other followed and not making the same mistakes they did. Also, learn how the committee wants the work structured and which details matter.

☑   Read a lot about the topic. Independently on what your dissertation is about, you need to research a lot, read a lot, analyze and then put into work all of those ideas you got from what you read. Making sure that your work is properly researched is a very good way of making it look good. The best way to do this is to look for the best databases in HR management and development you can find.

☑   Review and proofread – again and again. Every time you finish a paragraph, a page or a chapter, remember to go back and read everything you’ve written so far at least once in order to make sure that there are no mistakes in your dissertation. However, it is always fine to rest a little after you finish a big part of the dissertation.

☑   Choose a great topic. You will have to choose among a great diversity of Ph.D. Thesis Topics in HR Management if you want your dissertation to make a great impact on the committee. Choosing the right topic will make your dissertation look good, and if you know how to make that great topic have sense and eventually make a very good point, you will graduate without any problem.

List of Great Topics

These are the best potential HR dissertation topics you can choose from:

➤    Examination of the Capacity of Human Resources Departments to derive Changes in Organizations

➤    Methods for Theories and Ideas Implementation about Human Resource Management in Real Organizational Situations

➤    Finding Methods to Improve Systematically the selection Processes of New Employees

➤    Investigating the Different Problems that Affect the Development of Resilience and Productivity in Economic Crises

➤    Investigating Methodologies on Managing the Different Productivity States of Employees in Different Work Environments

➤    Finding new Methods of Evaluating the Hard and Soft Skill of New Employees on new Job Positions

➤    Investigating the Range of Value a Human Resource Department has on the Productivity and Success of an Organization

➤    Discussing the Benefits of Having a Human Resource Department when Accommodating the Budget on Training of Employees

➤    Issues on the Different Outsourcing Methodologies of Modern Human Resources Developments

➤    Investigating the Effect of Subjectivity and Objectivity in the Evaluation and Assessment of Different Employees

Remember that you can find even better dissertation topics in HR for MBA if you put more effort to it. But you can take a great first glance on how they should like from this list.

Make the Proper Research Questions

Vilna Bashi Treitler, a Professor from the University of California at Santa Barbara says this:

hr dissertation topics

This means that you have to look for great research questions about the topic of your choosing, always avoiding overlooked questions and stupid ones. He remarks then that you need to make sure you know the existing literature well enough and are engaged with it well enough that you have more to say than “…but these scholars have never addressed the question of [insert your dissertation topic here].”

Take a look at the list of potential management topics for dissertation!

Want a Great Dissertation?

If you want to know the perfect choice of HR Dissertation Topics, you will have to take a good look at this article in order to find the one that better fits with your desires. However, it is always important to analyze and make sure that it is the one that will be the best for your dissertation.

Choose only the best HR dissertation topics and write an engaging paper!