What are the best capstone project ideas for English literature? When looking for a research topic to write, it is important that you select a topic close to your heart. It is also essential that you start with writing early. Aside from these, there are more tips and tricks to know so that you can find your task easier to accomplish. See the following.

Best Capstone Project Ideas for English Literature

  1. Gender conflicts
  2. Divine right kings: Its concept
  3. Role of advisors to leaders
  4. Truth teller and leader
  5. Struggle of women
  6. Metaphor: should it be memorized?
  7. English literature: Is it a good source of education?
  8. Studying American culture
  9. Foreign nationality writers
  10. English literature: Unique approach in teaching it

Writing English Literature Project Topics

  1. After selecting from English literature project topics, approach your professor and ask for his approval. When given the go signal, it is time to move and source information!
  2. Gather enough information about your literature topic. You can go to the library, online sources, magazines, books and journals. You can also look up published scholarly articles and research papers. Collect but select your sources carefully.
  3. When done, read and read so that you will gain better understanding of your topic.
  4. Start with your draft. Just enjoy the process of writing and don’t pressure yourself. Set mini deadlines so that you can feel a sense of achievement in finishing them on time.
  5. Read your draft and go over information presented. Be able to add or remove some information when needed.
  6. Check for errors in grammar, style and structure. Be sure that you commit no mistake in writing so see for mistakes before your professor could.

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  • Use proper format, outline and citation as instructed by your professor.
  • Start with your paper while you still have plenty of time.
  • Proofread and edit your paper a couple of times until it’s error-free.


  • Copy someone else’s work—that’s plagiarism.
  • Choose a topic in which there is little information available.
  • Forget important sections, including abstract, table of contents and reference page, among others.

Follow this guide and have a great English literature research you will be proud of! Also, if you are looking for agriculture capstone project ideas, here are some.

Finally, make sure that you choose the best among English literature project ideas to help you get started with your capstone project today!