Knowing capstone project topics for MBA finance will make your task easier. The very first thing to do is to know your topic. Without a topic, you cannot start writing. A capstone project is difficult to do that is why you need to have extensive research.

Capstone Project Topics for MBA Finance

  1. Impact of interest rate to stock market
  2. Empowering women through microfinance
  3. Effect of free cash flow of profitability of firms
  4. Impact of privatization of banks on profitability
  5. Debt and equity for choice of funds
  6. Stock return and capital investment
  7. Factors affect that dividend payout ratio
  8. Investment policy and financial leverage
  9. Determinants of P/E ratio
  10. Relationship between capital structure and corporate strategy
  11. Relationship between bond price and CPI
  12. Impact of privatization on telecom

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Writing MBA Capstone Project

After having a topic, knowing tips in writing MBA capstone project ideas is essential. There are several components that are required in writing your paper.

  • Title page: It will be the first impression for your paper and it give readers what they should expect.
  • Abstract: The abstract provides a concise and clear summary of your paper. It gives an overview about your project, its scope, purpose as well as main focus.
  • Copyright page: Since it is your subject, you need to create ownership about it. Be sure that nobody reuse or copy it.
  • Introduction: It will be the first part of your paper. This means that you need to provide familiarity with your topic.
  • Research methods: Your methods of research will depend on your subject. There are numerous methods you can include such as interviews, data analysis and questionnaire. Give your readers enough details on what method you will use.
  • Research results: Explain the results as well as findings you gathered.
  • Conclusion: Summarize your results and findings.

Never waste time in writing. You capstone project is essential to your education and you need to do well on it. Start to know some ideas or topics and begin writing your subject. When submitting, proofread it!

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