We know that it doesn’t matter the specific field of your specialization or the area of study you want to graduate from, a dissertation is always one of the hardest things you need to do if you want to achieve a proper diploma and academic accomplishment.

When it comes to psychology, the task gets harder when choosing psychology dissertation topics for your research final project. This task can be very difficult because there are thousands of different Ph.D. Psychology thesis topics you can choose from that can make it almost impossible to find the one that you want for your dissertation.

But there’s always a solution for this. If you want to know how you can choose the right topic for your dissertation in psychology, we have the best advice from experts on the matter, plus a list of dissertation topics in psychology you can take a look at in order to get your own ideas. Take a look further into this article and see for yourself!

The Hardest Task: Choosing the Right Topic

We all know how difficult it can be to choose a great topic for a dissertation research. It can depend on many different things and it will forge your future as a professional, starting from the central idea you had. However, being sure of getting the right topic is the first step to take, but you will also have to take this into account:

☑    What will your specialization be? Depending on what you want to be specialized in, you will have to follow the same path. Look for something that interests you, something that you want to be good at or you want to research further in the future, something that you are enthusiast about. Make sure it also shows the control you have on the matter, that you have the knowledge and know how to handle it further.

☑    Find as much material as you can. If you are already interested in an idea or special area, make sure that your major paper is properly researched, that you read as much literature as you can in order to eventually come with better ideas and much more developed topics.

☑    Read journals, magazines and specialized articles on the matter. In order to find great undergraduate psychology thesis topics for your final project, you will have to read everything you can, but not only from books but from journals, specialized magazines and as many articles as you can on the subject of your choosing. Remember that the more you research, the easier it will be for you to choose a great topic you feel good about. Remember that you will need write about all sources that you have used in the literature review chapter of your dissertation.

☑    Take advice from those who know. Do you want your final project to be well developed and interesting? Take advice from those who know and can help you. From previous students who have done the same research, from professors or tutors who know more on the subject, or just any colleague or family that can give you any advice on the field, it’s always great to listen and eventually put to practice.

☑    Don’t be too ambitious. According to Monica Clua-Losada, a professor at the University of Texas, Blogger expert in writing and research matters, you will have to stay humble when writing. She adds:

psychology dissertation topics

She remarks with “And that is not necessarily a bad thing. Humility also matters in realizing that although you already know a lot about your topic before you start, in fact, you know very little. That is what will allow you to grow and be challenged intellectually.” This means that always staying on a comfortable level, with a topic that is not too broad or too narrow, always giving the possibility to further research but getting to a great conclusion by using your head.

List of Dissertation Topics in Psychology You Can Use

Let’s start from a great dissertation writing advice You already know how to come up with one hundred pages of research information of your topic but you already on knowing where to begin. For this, we’ve compiled a list with the best dissertation topics in psychology you can take a look at in order to get your own ideas or research further.

list of dissertation topics in psychology

➤    A qualitative study on the perception of children from father figures as a masculine authority.

➤    Vygotsky’s theories on child development: A critical study and analysis on the cultural background in a post-capitalist society.

➤    Identifying the learning style on children: A quantitative study on how the learning method of the primary school can be improved.

➤    Personality types and how it can affect the outcome of different hospital patients with mental disorders: A quantitative study.

➤    The use of social media sites: How it affects the increasing rate of self-harm adolescents in the US.

➤    Women in branding: How can it change the view of future investors in corporate matters and why.

➤    The use of music to decrease criminal behavior in public places: A quantitative study on metro stations.

➤    Ecology ideas and how they can contribute to further development of therapy techniques and counseling in mental disorder patients: A literature review.

➤   Self-help cognitive techniques use on children under 15: How effective are they in pre-adolescent children.

➤   Color motivation when shopping: A quantitative study on the impact color has on the brand packaging of different products in a supermarket.

Take a look at a list of the most promising dissertation topics in law!

In order to research these topics further, we recommend the following literature:

➤    Psychoanalysis, Language, and the Body of the Text By Martin Gliserman – University Press of Florida, 1996

➤    The Art of Choosing by Sheena Lyengar

➤    Andrews, B. and Wilding, J.M. (2004), ‘The relation of depression and anxiety to life-stress and achievement in students’, British Journal of Psychology

➤    Cash, T.F., Thériault, J. and Annis, N.M. (2004) ‘Body image in an interpersonal context: Adult attachment, fear of intimacy and social anxiety’, Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology

➤    Fatima, S. and Rao, D.B. (2008) Reasoning ability of adolescent students. New Delhi: Discovery Publishing House

➤    Olfson, M., Marcus, S.C. and Shaffer, D. (2006) ‘Antidepressant drug therapy and suicide in severely depressed children and adults: A case-control study’, Archives of General Psychiatry.

Be sure that you will eventually have the best psychology dissertation topics that will impress everyone!