Social science capstone project ideas are what are going to help you get started in your research and writing. And so to help you in creating your social science capstone paper, here are the tips to know as well as a list of topics to make use of when choosing a topic for your research.

Social Science Capstone Project Ideas

  1. World history and world geography
  2. Usage of digital tools
  3. Scientific writing: What it is all about
  4. Community issues
  5. Social policy: Ana analysis
  6. Vulnerable population: Its impact
  7. Local service agency
  8. Viable business plan for non-profit organization
  9. Child maltreatment
  10. Developmental disabilities

Social Science Capstone Project Ideas: Writing Tips

  1. Consider your capstone on social science as a research paper. Therefore, you may want to go over your research papers, essays and writing projects you did and check out those that you already did. Some of them may be useful in giving you social science research project ideas.
  2. Choose one of the topics listed above and approach your professor to get it approved.
  3. Start with the gathering or collecting of your information sources. You may want to check out the library to find some scholarly articles, journals and thesis works related to your chosen topic.
  4. Start with your first draft and follow the outline you did. Make sure to present ideas in a logical and orderly manner, as this paper is to show your familiarity and knowledge of the research topic.
  5. Finish writing and then proofread and edit your paper. While it may not be easy to complete it, you can get by and accomplish it if you will set small milestones for your paper.


  • Choose from the social science research project ideas above.
  • Start with your paper by setting small milestones and beating your deadlines every stage to avoid rushing your paper when there is little time left.
  • Proofread and edit your paper.
  • Ask feedback from friends and family.


  • Use jargons and confusing words in your paper.
  • Use a bad format and layout and an improper citation style

Follow this guide when selecting from these social science research project ideas as well as the tips and tricks when writing it. Also, if you are looking for sociology capstone project ideas, here are some.

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