Sociology dissertation topics are not as hard to find as others in different fields. However, it can still be a very difficult process to eventually come up with a great idea that can be transformed into a topic for your dissertation.

That’s why we’ve come with the best advice for you to choose from the different topics for sociology dissertation available. Also, we are going to show you some of the best sociology Ph.D. thesis topics for your final assignment as a student, in order to make it easier and faster for you to choose the topic you want. Take a look further to find out more!

How to Choose a Topic for Dissertation

Getting to eventually have a grasp of the best undergraduate sociology thesis topics can be hard. So, we’ve decided to make a list with the best advice from experts in the field in order to make it easier for you to come up with great ideas.

☑    Choose a topic that interests you. Whatever it is of sociology that you find yourself more drawn to it, research about it! If you research about those things that interest you on your field, the more likely you are to come with a great idea for your dissertation topic. However, make sure that it can be researched further and that it is not a dead end.

☑    Research and research. Researching is always a good way to know that there are multiple opportunities and works you can take ideas from. For example, this thesis named “The Role of Sociology in the Study of Mental Health … and the Role of Mental Health in the Study of Sociology” by Blair Wheaton is a great way to know that there are thousands of topics that you can research.

☑    Keep your career path in mind. Why it is exactly that you want to graduate? Is it worth it? Well, you are the only one who knows. However, depending on what it is that you are focusing on, look for literature and ideas that can help you achieve whatever it is you have on your mind.

☑    Ask for help. We all know that a dissertation is not easy work. So, why don’t you look for help? It is actually the best way to know if your ideas are good enough and if that your dissertation topic is interesting or boring. Take into account that candidate’s supervisors want you to succeed, so taking advice from them is always a great idea.

☑    An important topic. There are millions of undergraduate sociology thesis topics you can choose. However, it is always recommended to choose a topic that can eventually offer something to the world. Whether it can make a new original conclusion on a certain subject, or if it can offer new content to a previous work in the field in an interesting way; whatever it is, choose something that grabs attention.

According to Katherine Brunt:

sociology dissertation topics

She also remarks “Remember that a well written and well-researched dissertation that gives readers good insights will prove to be better than a fragmented and sloppy one that does not give a solution or an alternative.”

Topics for Sociology Dissertation Samples

Want to come with great synopsis and conclusions with your dissertation? You will have to choose the right topic. So, to make it easier for you, we’ve search for some of the best sociology Ph.D. Thesis Topics that you can use to develop your own ideas or to research further.

topics for sociology dissertation

➤    Incidence of poverty in Europe: A study on welfare state reduced support

➤    How the elder in Europe can have negative effects on the future of the population.

➤    A critique on the use of pornography: Why it should disappear.

➤    The importance of using sociology as a part of the training for teachers.

➤    Sunday school attendance: How it can change the world.

➤    European Prisons: The reappearance of racial hatred cases.

➤    A study on positivist research: How evolved methodological processes can improve a research.

➤    A literature analysis on Foucault’s relationship with the concept of sociology.

➤    European court of human rights: Different prisoners cases against the state in different countries.

➤    Trade Union movement: An evaluation on the different perspective in the conflict.

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Any of these undergraduate sociology topics can help you immensely if you research them further. However, you may need great literature like the following:

➤    Smart, B. (1982) ‘Foucault, sociology, and the problem of human agency’, Theory and Society

➤    Kelly, C. (1994) ‘Who gets involved in the collective action? Social psychological determinants of individual participation in trade unions’ Human Relations

➤    Livingstone, S. (2000) ‘Prisoners’ rights in the context of the European Convention on Human Rights’, Punishment & Society

➤    Hassard, J. (1995) Sociology and organization theory: Positivism, paradigms and postmodernity. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

➤    Goodman, J. (1988) ‘Constructing a practical philosophy of teaching: A study of preservice teachers’ professional perspectives’, Teaching and Teacher Education

➤    Castles, F.G. and Mitchell, D. (1992) ‘Identifying welfare state regimes: The links between politics, instruments and outcomes’, Governance

Looking for cool sociology dissertation topics or any other discipline? Then you’ve come to the right place!