If you’re looking for the best law capstone project ideas, then you have arrived at the right post that reveals you the truth about tips on how to create your Capstone paper impressively.

Law Capstone Project Ideas

  1. Certain of intention: intention, object and subject matter studies
  2. Controversial and heated debates about principle of freedom of speech
  3. Should press be given general notion about freedom, of expression
  4. Suicide loom, should it be granted?
  5. Application and range of Suicide Act 1961
  6. Discretionary power of Security Council’s: A breach or threat
  7. Intellectual property law
  8. Competition laws analysis of EU, China and Japan
  9. Rise of corruption in United Kingdom
  10. 21st century contract law

Law Capstone Project Ideas Tips

  1. One good tip is to go over the essays you wrote and the subjects you took.
  2. You can flesh out your list about those you have written and write a short description of every test, paper, quiz and essay you had in your law course.
  3. Keep the research papers you did handy so that you can go over them when contemplating of your topic. You should know that a capstone is also a research paper that needs thorough details and comprehensive study on your chosen topic.
  4. Select a topic based on law capstone project ideas and have your professor approved it. For better chances, choose your wording cleverly and include much of the work you have already covered as much as possible.
  5. Start researching and keep a handy list of updated and reliable references, including articles, books and journals. You can also check out and include some scholarly papers in information gathering.
  6. Make sure that you spend enough time in reading so that you can become familiar with the topic. This will also help you find reliable information sources.
  7. Start drafting your research paper based on your chosen topic from law capstone project topics, and don’t edit yourself and on paper at this point.
  8. Write both the introduction and conclusion last so that you can have an opportunity to understand your paper better as you have already gone over your research and your information to include in the body of the capstone.


  • Follow referencing style, including APA, MLA, Turabian and Chicago.
  • Keep a diary of the changes you made.
  • Avoid clichés and hackneyed words.
  • Write in an academic manner rather in an elaborative way.


  • Omit important information.
  • Use unreliable sources.
  • Forget editing your paper.
  • Rush your work!

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Follow this guide and do well in your law school capstone paper today!