We all want to make our best impression when presenting our thesis, but to do that we have to choose the best topic we can. However, to choose the topic that will eventually grab the attention of the committee and that will give us the opportunity to research further and come to a wonderful conclusion, we have to pass through a difficult process and many, many thesis topic ideas.

The process of choosing topics for dissertation in economics can be very hard. So it is important that we eventually know how a dissertation topic is made up and how we can be sure that our topic is the one we need.

For all this, we’ve made a list with some great advice from experts plus a list of the best thesis topics for economics undergraduates.

Choosing the Right Topic for Your Dissertation

There are thousands of dissertation topics in economics for postgraduates and undergraduates. From Ph.D. Dissertation topics in economics about specific subjects to very general thesis topics for economics undergraduates, we need to choose the one that best suits our interests and desires. However, this process can be full of research problems and solutions for them are these:

☑    Talk and write down ideas. Your ideas should mainly come from those who know, like professors and advisors. Also, you need to make sure that your ideas are eventually good and portray what people feel interested in. To do this, you will have to talk with lots of people, with professors, advisors, people who have researched on the same subject and write whatever you think is important to take into account.

☑    Questions everything. A doctoral research publication should be perfectly developed. However, to be developed with depth and thoroughness, you should always take into account that even the most appraised work in your field can be wrong, especially if it is not known or haven’t been proved by a good methodology. And when it comes to economics, try to get your ideas from previous works, question whatever you think is worth the effort and get your own conclusion and ideas that could give you a great topic.

☑    Inspiration comes from everywhere. According to Don Davis from the Columbia University in his notes for “Ph.D. Thesis Research: Where Do I Start?” he makes the assertion that your topic can come from any place. What you should do is to take action and look for it, that’s it.

research problems and solutions

He also adds “How do you create your own magic? Some people say their best ideas come when they are in the shower, or playing racquetball, or . . . . I’m not sure the answer is that I should direct you to take lots of showers! You have to find your own muse. Success and failure, in the end, are in your hands only.”

Possible Topics for Dissertation in Economics

Finding the right topic for your dissertation may be utterly difficult. Some people last months before coming with a great idea for their final project. However, in order to make it easier for you, we’ve compiled some of the best economic dissertation topics for you to take a look at.

topics for dissertation in economics

➤    Capital inflows on market economies: A study of developing countries.

➤    Foreign investment on high-risk economic failure: A study.

➤    The importance of pricing model for capital assets: How it changes investments decisions.

➤    How do business grow in speculative markets around the world.

➤    The international monetary system exchange rates and the loss of control of static prices.

➤    The debt on highly developed countries: How it is managed and how it can be eliminated in the US.

➤    Underdeveloped countries and their economically unviable markets.

➤    Wall Street and the Global Financial Crisis: How to avoid a future with global irregularities.

➤    Financial implications on different countries: China, Africa, and the UK.

➤    EU Debt: How a mutualisticGermanyy handled debt of other countries.

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Does any of these Ph.D. Dissertation topics in economics interest you? You can take a look at the following literature to find out more about them:

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Scan through as many topics for dissertation in economics as possible and choose the one you feel interested in the most!