The capstone project will give experience to students to conduct a research. It gives them the opportunity to know more about their topic especially if it is in line with their interests. It is a requirement showing the knowledge of students.

Biology Capstone Project Ideas

  1. CHS: Development of new volumetric datasets
  2. Development of existing volumetric datasets
  3. Neuroanatomy and functional organization
  4. Human Anatomical Variation
  5. Cadaver donation
  6. Ultrasound in the gross anatomy lab
  7. 3 D Electron microscopic tomographic reconstruction
  8. Educational platform: Development and evaluation
  9. CHS: Simulations
  10. Customizable anatomical science educational platform

Writing Biology Research Project Ideas

The time you know biology capstone project ideas, it is the time to know some tips on effective writing. Here is what you need to do in order to write an effective paper.

  • Select a topic
  • Concept draft
  • Proposal
  • Research activities and summary
  • Implementation phase
  • Project documentation
  • Formal presentation
  • Closure

If you know the components in writing biology capstone project ideas, you will know how to begin writing. The components will be your guidelines in writing. Without it, you have a hard time especially when you do not know what you need to do. It is important to be knowledgeable enough on what you will write to start early.

  • Make a research: Researching is your key to complete your paper. Since you need evidences to support your claim, doing a research is essential. You should not just claim and write your opinions because it is essential to write based of evidences.
  • Outline: Creating an outline is also important because you will follow it when you are in the process of writing.
  • Introduction: The introduction is one of the essential parts of your capstone so invest much time on how you will start writing about it.
  • Conclusion: The conclusion should be strong.

Basically, it is not easy to write capstone project because it is a serious requirements for academic level. This means that it should be written effectively to impress your readers. To have a good score, submit a well-researched and written paper.

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