Having capstone project ideas for information technology is a good thing because you can start to have an extensive research to know more about it. Whenever you need a topic, you are luck y because this page will give some topics that you might want.

it capstone project ideas

List of the Best Capstone Project Ideas for Information Technology

  1. Economic models for information systems
  2. Geo-BIS
  3. Data mining, data warehousing and information logistics
  4. Language technology for BIS
  5. Data mining, data warehousing and information logistics
  6. Implications of digital convergence and growth of IT
  7. ERP and supply chains; CRM
  8. Managing national information infrastructure
  9. Knowledge management
  10. Managing the rapid changes in information technology
  11. Complex management, data merging and presentation
  12. Wireless surveillance
  13. Service and route data from transit systems to statewide model
  14. Financial services gaming simulations
  15. Transportation system of care intelligent
  16. App for ecommerce storefront
  17. Guest tracker system and hospitality management
  18. IT universities socio-economic
  19. Function networks with the use of radial basis
  20. E-logistics warehouse management
  21. Security system and SMS notification face recognition
  22. Using IOS and Android on airline reservation system
  23. Android app having file manage
  24. SMS notification: billing management
  25. Mobile and web event tabulation application
  26. Card reader usage
  27. Office productivity time tracking
  28. POS application
  29. Inquiry and mobile loan application
  30. Inventory and LAN-based sales
  31. Web application and business management
  32. Theft detection with the use of GSM technology
  33. SMS doorbell notification application
  34. Patient information ERP system
  35. Home surveillance and automation
  36. Touchscreen POS app
  37. Nursing education with healthcare software usage
  38. EventScore: mobile and web event evaluation app
  39. ClassDroid: mobile and web class record app
  40. Filipino sign language conversion to text with the use of MS kinect sensor

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Writing IT Capstone Project Ideas

When you need to write information technology capstone project ideas, it is important to know some tips because it will be useful and helpful for you especially when you do not know what to do.

  • Think back and think what are the interesting topics or ideas that you have discussed in your classroom
  • Keep in mind that capstone project is similar to research project which means you need to make a good research. You need to ensure that you will write it with good details as well as evidence.
  • Make sure your topic is interesting so that people will read your paper.
  • Collect solid number of up to date references in any documents such as articles, books, websites, scholarly materials and journal entries.
  • Set aside a time where you can do reading. Reading will help you to be familiarizing yourself in the topic you choose. Read as much as you can to be knowledgeable enough and to gather enough information
  • Write the introduction and conclusion last because it will give you the chance to create a better thesis statement.

The time you know all things you need to do in writing IT capstone project ideas, you can get started writing. In writing, you need to demonstrate research skills and methodology. Your topic should be scientific and practical use. Start to do a research and writing while you have ample time. Be sure the result is wonderful.

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