Choosing from sociology capstone project ideas will help you in coming up with a great topic for your paper. Additionally, it will help you get started with your research and writing in order that you beat the deadline for submission. To get started, refer to the following tips on how to write your capstone project for sociology.

Sociology Capstone Project Ideas

  1. Young adult fiction: its power
  2. Prescription drug use and abuse
  3. Transnational capitalism: Traps
  4. Internalized homophobia
  5. Trauma and healing
  6. Primary health care: Its future
  7. Powerless children: Impact to other children
  8. Social practice: A comparative analysis
  9. Social order, ethics, and hypocrisy
  10. Poverty in America

Sociology Capstone Project Ideas: Writing Tips

  1. Select one of the sociology research project ideas we’ve listed here, and from that, have your teacher or professor approve your topic.
  2. When done, start conducting your research by going to the library, online and other sources, including scholarly articles and journals. However, don’t use just about any source, but validate the credibility of these authors. It matters so that you can also come up with a sound research on the topic and be able to show your knowledge about it, which can be reflected in the outcome of your capstone. Take down notes and have a handy reference later.
  3. Start writing based on the outline prepared from your chosen sociology research project ideas. You don’t have to edit yourself at this point but do it later. Have the introduction and conclusion written last.
  4. Edit and proofread your draft and make the final copy. This will ensure that you don’t commit errors in English grammar and spelling. You should know that proper grammar and word use are important in conveying your meaning.


  • Present information in a logical manner.
  • Highlight your knowledge on the chosen sociology research project ideas by conducting proper planning and carrying out a good research plan.
  • Proofread and edit your paper.


  • Forget about citation and formatting instructions of your professor.
  • Forget about setting small milestones to beat deadlines on every stage of your capstone.
  • Use jargons and confusing words.

Follow these tips and choose from one of the best sociology research project ideas we’ve suggested above. In addition, you are free to look through the business management capstone project ideas we’ve prepared for you.

Finally, spend enough time in writing and editing your paper.