The statistics capstone project is one of the most important papers for students in the undergraduate school, and therefore, you should do your best by first locating the best statistic capstone project ideas.

Statistic Capstone Project Ideas

  1. Voter turnout
  2. Foreign elections vs. US
  3. Available offices number
  4. Previous close elections and controversial
  5. Accuracy of exit polling
  6. Healthcare, education, environment and economy key issues
  7. Number of unopposed races running
  8. Vote counting: other methods and electronics
  9. Election advertisements
  10. States or cities

Statistic Capstone Project Ideas: Tips to Succeed with Your Topic

  1. Pick an interesting topic and ask your professor for his approval. If he disagrees, check out the above suggestions for great statistic capstone project topics.
  2. Consider that your statistics capstone is much like your research paper. Therefore, you may want to go over the papers, essays or researches you already did.
  3. Gather your sources, but don’t just collect anything you find. Instead, you have to verify the credibility of the author or authors before even using them in your paper.
  4. Once you have validated, it is time that you read and read and then jot down notes. This will help you succeed in your paper, no matter the best statistic capstone project topics you have chosen.
  5. Draft your research paper, and don’t edit your writing yet. Just write based on your chosen topic. Write your introduction and conclusion for the last part so that you can have a better idea on how to introduce and conclude your topic.
  6. Format your paper correctly and do it according to the instruction of your professor, including citation style and layout. Do not be tempted to come up with your own format but write based on the given instruction to avoid your paper from being rejected by your professor.
  7. Don’t forget the reference page, abstract and table of contents, among other elements as instructed by your professor.
  8. Edit and proofread your capstone project.


  • Choose one of the statistic capstone project topics listed above
  • Spend enough time in research, writing and editing.
  • Validate and cite your sources.
  • Submit on time.


  • Choose a topic that has little information available.
  • Use a format not stated by your professor.
  • Rush in writing and editing your paper.

Follow this guide when choosing capstone project topics, for example, for law capstone project ideas as well as writing them.

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