Choosing the right ASN capstone project ideas will help you get started to writing your paper. In today’s post, we’ve listed popular topics in the field as well as tips and dos and don’ts in writing one.

Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

  1. Preventing ADHD to children
  2. Pain management among nurses in ICU
  3. Major challenge to contagious disease
  4. American children: Obesity treatment
  5. Nursing training and education on use of the healthcare software
  6. Nursing in public sector: Their major challenges
  7. Type II diabetes: Chronic disease
  8. Asthma care and education in public health hospitals
  9. Access of healthcare in rural areas for pregnant women
  10. Nursing issues about gender

Nursing Capstone Project Ideas: Tips in Writing

  1. Consider that writing one of the capstone project ideas nursing is just like your research paper or essay. Get a handy list of those topics you have written before so you can have some ideas on what to write.
  2. Have your selected topic approved by your professor before writing.
  3. Don’t begin writing until there is very little time available. Start gathering and verifying sources of information for the topic from capstone project ideas nursing you have selected.
  4. Choose a topic, which information abounds and you can check out many studies done on the subject.
  5. Write your first draft and try writing your introduction and conclusion last so that you will have the better familiarity with your topic.
  6. Don’t forget the proper formatting of your paper, including citation style, referencing and table of content writing.
  7. Set aside time for reading, an important step before writing. Take down notes so you will have a handy reference later.


  • Follow the proper referencing style no matter the capstone project ideas nursing you have chosen to write about.
  • Keep track of all changes you have made so that you can go over them later in case you need to edit your paper.
  • Spend enough time in choosing nursing capstone project examples that you can refer to for your own topic.


  • Present an improperly carried out project.
  • Rush into writing and completing your capstone.
  • Use unreliable sources.
  • Forget proofreading and editing your paper a couple of times.
  • Start with one of the nursing capstone project ideas without approval from your professor.

There you have the guide to know when writing based on one of the nursing capstone project ideas. In addition, you are free to look through the statistic capstone project ideas we’ve prepared for you.

Follow these nursing capstone project ideas and tips and have a successful paper!