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dissertation topicsWhether you’re still stuck the development stage or you’re well into the process of writing your thesis, a little advice never goes amiss. Discover aspects of your dissertation topics that you’d never thought of when you speak to a professional academic. Get in touch with the right people and you’ll make a real difference to your thesis and be able to defend it with confidence and vigor.

All the Dissertation Advice You Could Ever Need

Coming up with dissertation topic ideas is sometimes considered the hardest part of the entire process of writing a thesis. This is not because it’s necessarily academically difficult, but because it’s a real problem to choose a topic that’ll pan out in the way you expected before you started. In fact, for this and a number of other reasons, up to half of all prospective PhD students will fail to stick it out until the end.

If your topic is poorly chosen, you could end up at a real dead-end, leaving you no choice but to start the process again from the beginning. We aim to help you find all the resources you need to get to grips with choosing a subject from among a vast wealth of potential dissertation topic ideas.

What Is Our Website All About?

dissertation topic ideasFirst and foremost, our mission is to help prospective graduate students to make all the right choices within the appropriate timeframe to give themselves the best possible chance of success in their chosen endeavor. We do not work for profit, instead we are hoping to give something valuable back to the next generation of academics. Whatever your subject or special area of interest, we will be able to give you all the needed information or help you find the resources that can provide you with that information.

Which Students Can Benefit from This?

We aim to help not only prospective PhD students. After all, there’s a huge journey to complete before you get anywhere near this far along the academic road. You’ll have all kinds of undergraduate projects to submit and you’ll likely have to pursue some research interests at a Master’s level as well.

One of the most common challenges you’ll face that’ll incidentally give you a real taste of what doing a PhD is like is a capstone project. This typically takes two semesters and you’ll get to do your own independent research and even produce a paper with the hope and support of a mentor from your faculty.

As with PhD level research, one of the main problems you’ll encounter is coming up with an idea to pursue as part of your research. You should aim to discover the best capstone project ideas for the highest chances of success. We can give you an insight into what the best capstone project ideas are for your particular field of study.

Develop Your Thesis

dissertation tipsThere’s so much that can go wrong when you first start looking at different thesis topic ideas. Make one mistake here and you end up setting yourself up for plenty of pain later on down the line. That’s the last thing you want to do when thesis writing is so hard even when everything goes your way. Fortunately, there’s a plethora of excellent resources available online for free. We can help you find the perfect resource for your needs, giving you the opportunity to browse all manner of thesis topic ideas and learn precisely how to come up with a thesis. Here are a few educational resources to get you started.

➤    Sometimes it’s important to learn where to get advice and how to pick out the salient points from any sources of information you’re given. The University of Wisconsin lists a series of helpful books full of dissertation tips to get you started on your self-directed learning experience.

➤    Rackham Graduate School at the University of Michigan offers a range of resources, stretching from general requirements to more specific help regarding the process of researching particular topics in the right way.

➤    The University of Leicester, England even goes as far as to provide a study guide which explains exactly what a dissertation entails and how to start planning yours. This is a truly excellent resource with which to begin your journey, especially if you’re going to study in the a United Kingdom.

➤    The Graduate School at the University of Pennsylvania offers a real wealth of material, both in-house and externally published. You’ll find all kinds of dissertation advice here, including support regarding the planning process.

➤    The Office of Graduate Studies at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln supplies a list of books and other resources which are considered to be indispensable when it comes to learning all about thesis writing and how to excel at it.

So, let’s get started and pick the best dissertation topics for each and every one of you!


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